Saturday, March 31, 2012

Blue Day/Month/Minute...

I posted this on Facebook, and I thought it was worth posting here, through the hoo-ha and hoopla of Autism Awareness time.

My wish for Autism Awareness Day/Month/Minute.

I'd like every university, every drug company, every school, every doctor, every therapist in the autism industry to stand up and say:

'This is what I found out about autism this year, and here's how I'm trying to turn the tide around. I'm trying to find out as much as I can. I'm investing money in the search for knowledge. Here's what I commit to doing between now and next April, and you can hold me to account.'

I want one prominent, funded researcher, just one, to say we are trying to work out why so many kids are developing this condition. And when we find out, we will share our knowledge with you, so we can all protect your family and families to come.

I want all those people profiting from autism, to have to live with the accountability and vulnerability and fear of the future that we do.

Then I'll light up in fucking polka dots.
Apologies if the swearing offends. 


Di said...

Yep, that would be great! Is it going to happen?... well, that's another story! :(

Patty O. said...

Wouldn't that be fantastic!