Sunday, January 24, 2010

More Summer Tales (Tails)

We've had a hell of a time getting Billy into the water.

It's one of the things that changes all the time in his life. The bath has almost always been OK, but the ocean, creeks and swimming pools have all been in and out of vogue at various levels of sensory awareness and regulation.

And again, here's where the dog comes in.

Scruffy loves water, and if Scruffy loves something, there's every chance Billy will give it a go.

Unfortunately for Scruffy, dog claws and inflatable swimming pools don't mix (as we learned last summer).

Billy was kind enough to take the time to explain the situation carefully to Scruffy.

On other matters... inflatable swimming pools are awesome for Billy, and I'm assuming for anyone with sensory issues.

The water, the bouncing potential on the walls of the pool, the safe contained nature of the experience... it's all good.

Did I mention how well he sleeps when he's been bouncing about in the water?

Not that we're enjoying having our bed back or anything...

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