Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Oh, the things you will celebrate!

If someone had told me, I would have shoved them like Elaine in Seinfeld, and yelled 'Get out!'

Last week Billy hurt his foot. That's kind of something to celebrate because he could feel the pain. But that's not what is so perverse about how I feel right now. He got a couple of days off school because he was limping and had to keep off his foot (fun, in itself, keeping a six year old still).

The thing that I'm loving the most is that he worked out the connection between being sick/injured and having time off school, and then used that link like any other six year old.

On Monday morning, he was 'too sore' to go to school. 'My foot is very painful, you know, Mummy', he told me.

I just love it. I love the fact that he was playing me. Consciously playing on the emotions he knows I feel. Seriously, that's awesome. I love the fact that he was lying. I love the fact that there was soooo much thought and action involved in the ruse. He had to remember to limp, he had to remember to tell me how much pain he was in. He had to sustain a pretence and read my reactions.

For the record, it was raining on Monday, which always makes for a hard day at school. So I kept him home. On Tuesday, he tried again. But I toughened up and sent him to school.

I missed him. Cheeky monkey.


Katie said...

Heehee!!! That is so adorable!

Smart (and cheeky, you're right!) Billy :)

DQ said...

yes, I can understand why you started this post with the reflection that you would not have imagined being excited by your child being deceptive and deliberately playing on your emotions! This is a great story, and such a wonderful evolution for you all! Hooray for lying!
I still get excited when my son eats more than one bite of a cheeseburger....
(funny anecdote, Perky calls them 'cheeseboogers', which always makes me laugh)