Monday, April 5, 2010

Billy's first imagined first person story

I'm so proud. Done by himself. Typed by Billy. Spelled by Billy. I helped find the picture.

Seeing a river dolphin
Billy (6 april 2010)

We hev gone inder to se a river dolphin.
Inder hes tigers.
Wev gonne to a boat.
We wsd a camera to se the the river dolphin.
The river dolphin cached fish.
He hes long nose.

I falt very happy.

I feel very happy too, baby.

(PS. he's six, and we've never been to India... or Inder...)


Ro said...

Congrats and well done!

Just found your blog from JCP Blog :)

Mich9 said...

Hooray for Billy! He's going to be a literally giant, just like his mum!

Heather said...

Oh my goodness! I am teary eyed reading this! I love it! What a little writer you have there. Just beautiful. You should be very proud :)

Simon said...

Wonderful - thats all