Thursday, April 8, 2010

Happy, happy, happy

I'm such a lapsed catholic.

I feel such guilt about my grumpiness. I really do.

So, I just wanted to write a few happy things... things that make me feel grateful.

Today, Billy lost one of his front teeth. He was thrilled about it. No squeamish freak-outs. Just exactly what you would expect from a six year old boy. Quite keen on the blood, interested in the additional lisp (he already has one) and generally keen to try eating stuff to see how it would feel.

This is his third tooth loss now... he's quite a pro.

He's put the tooth on a cushion to await the tooth fairy (because that's what happened on Hi-5). I'm going to have to go through old DVDs to find out what happened at the end of that Hi-5 segment. I hope it involved a gold coin, because that's all I got!

This afternoon, he had a bit of an energy dip. It's been a big day of dog walking, playing, swimming (school holidays at the moment) so it's understandable. The lovely thing was the way he brightened up when Daddy came home. All of a sudden, Billy was cheeky, funny, joking and wrestling with his Dad... again, just such a wonderfully happy Billy way to end the day.

In the freedom of the holidays, there is so much more cheeky... so many more experiments with language, so many casual actual conversations, so much evidence that he's putting together a really dynamic, flexible picture of his world and his place in it.

I am lucky to have this boy, and to have the ability and the support to try to make the world a better place for him.


Me said...

Tooth fairy will be busy tonight! Congrats, Billy ;)

Ro said...

Well done all round!

Katie said...

Yay, Billy! :)

PS - He's lucky to have you, too.