Friday, December 18, 2009

Doctors have a lot to learn

Billy just got out of hospital. Just another 24 hour stretch to rehydrate him after a non-specific bug knocked him flat.

He's a serious trouper.

I'd just like to send out a big thank you to the nurses who almost always 'get it.' And if they don't, they are willing to learn. You can tell them a bit about Billy's specific brand of autism, without them looking at you like you are threatening their professional credibility. If you ask them not to yell, or get in his face, or lie... they'll do it.

But the doctors... they have the most to learn, and the least willingness to do it. They flat out suck.

Could be Sydney. Could be Australia. I hope to hell it is... because if autistic people are spoken to the way Billy is all over the world... well, that's a lot of bad doctor karma.

Here's a few tips.

1. Don't yell.
2. When you ask a question, especially an important one, think about the wording BEFORE you open your mouth.
3. Don't rephrase the question immediately after you ask it. That's a second question.
4. Don't lie. If you are planning to stick in a needle or a throat swab, say so.
5. Listen to the parents of an autistic child. Actually listen to any parent. You tools.

Sorry. Had to get that off my chest.


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rebekahscot said...

Sadly, it ain't just Australia. Doctor toolishness is a world-wide plague.

Damn, you jumped on this blog train fast, woman!! I like it.