Saturday, December 19, 2009

He's pretty impressive

I've got the bug that Billy had. The one that sent him to hospital.

And boy did he handle himself with good grace.

I am grumpy, sweaty, annoyed, sad, petulant, floppy, miserable and a bit angry. He was none of those things. Well, maybe he was a bit floppy. But I can guarantee he was much sicker than I am.

His brand of autism gives him the ability to zen himself into something close to a coma when he is ill. It has frightened more than one doctor. We've had more than one unnecessary ambulance ride, when a GP has freaked out and sent him to the ER thinking he's on the way out. But it's shutdown. It's pure flight (as in fight or flight). Billy doesn't have much fight, but he's sure perfected flight.

This article explains it perfectly -
(note to self: work out why you can't make the 'post link' button work...)
Cut and paste the URL, if you are interested. It's a great article.

Pretty impressive stuff.

The article and Billy, not me.

I am the opposite of impressive right now.

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