Friday, December 18, 2009

The real reason I am here

Five years ago, we were in a cloud of fear and denial...

We knew there was 'something going on' with Billy but no-one could tell us what. I'd been speaking to doctors and Early Childhood nurses since Billy was a tiny sound-sensitive newborn, and was always patted on the head and told he was fine.

'You should think about anti-depressants...', they said.
'You are overly attached, send him to day care...', they said.
'You've waited all your life for a sensitive man. Here he is...', they said.

Then one spooky doctor confirmed my fears. Just before he hit me up for over $1000 worth of supplements.

So I avoided the 'A' word for a little longer. And sadly, I avoided biomedical doctors too.

But time has passed, and we've changed a lot.


Because of the fine women I've 'met' on this journey. I know them by the words they choose, and the pictures they share. I know them by their generosity of spirit. I know them by their wit.

The women who are closer to me than most people I know in real life. They get me. They understand me. They accept me.

And they challenge me too.

More than anything, I know they would catch me if I was falling. As I would them.

Whoever said computers alienate people from each other, doesn't share my experience.

To each of you, and you know who you are... thank you.

There are probably more poetic words I could use, but I don't think they are necessary.

No doctors, no therapists, no educators, no academics... no-one can teach me more than you.



rebekahscot said...

Their are truly blessings to be gained through every hardship, in every tragedy. I love all the members (well...most, lol) of our club.

Kerri-Anne said...

It may be the preggo hormones but that got me all teary! (((HUGS)))!

Jenni said...

Ditto!!! I wouldn't know what to do without you either!