Thursday, December 17, 2009

The First Post

I'm insane.
I write for a living, and now I'm going to write for leisure too...
But it feels right. If I can just work out how to make this thing look right, and sound right and feel right... no pressure now.

I've got a total gem of a little boy, Billy. He's just turned six, and he's the happiest kid I know. He wants to be a zoo keeper, and I can't think of a reason why he shouldn't achieve his dreams. He can tell you anything you need to know about just about any animal. His favourite 'tv character' is David Attenborough. He especially loves African animals, but really anything with fur, fins or feathers gets a look in... along with Thomas and Friends.

He doesn't like kids much. They talk to much, too fast, too loudly. He watches them carefully, and talks to a few. But, for the most part... kids and Billy don't really mix. Adults, on the other hand, are OK. As long as they don't fire questions at him and yell.

He has a dog that he loves. They are best friends. Not much can get between Billy and Scruffy. Except barking... Billy doesn't like barking.

Most of all, Billy loves his family. He is most comfortable with us. He loves life. He loves going on adventures. He loves group hugs and curling up with Mummy and Daddy.

Our greatest hope is that the world will get to know the Billy we know.

Billy is autistic.

We often say, there's nothing wrong with him, it's the world that's got him all wrong.


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father of four said...

A truly meaningful purpose for you to write.