Tuesday, May 25, 2010

At least they come one at a time...

The good news is, we seem to have exited poo hell.

Thanks to people much more patient than I (Daddy and Dr Victoria, my new favourite person), Billy has re-negged on his statement of last week that 'Billys NEVER ever have to poo'.

I believe the compulsive repeating of Charlie and Lola episodes may have something to do with the wording of his mantra. I like Charlie and Lola. I think it's funny (for the most part), very positive (almost always) and a little bit left of centre (never a bad thing in my book). But since it seems to have been linked to Billy's decision to cease pooing, I'm not as much of a C&L fan as before.

A bit of a doctor chat, a crazy hi-fibre diet and a some privacy for a growing boy and it's 'Sayonara, pits of stinky hell!!!' No more sacrifices to the underwear gods... woo hoo!!

But we have entered croup purgatory.

Heavy breathing, wheezing, seal coughing, the whole kit and caboodle.

He's got prednisone and Nurofen and chips, and so far so good.

The beautiful part of today, was the doctor visit. We love Dr Victoria. She's respectful and positive and she treats Billy like a human being.

I seriously could have left the room today, as she and Billy had the appointment all covered by themselves. He sat in the chair closest to her and opened the conversation with 'Well, Victoria, I have a problem.' She listened to him, asked amazingly positive and well worded questions and got everything she needed back. She was even allowed a glimpse at the throat - a privilege saved for a very select few on this planet.

I'm proud of him, and even more, I am impressed with Dr Victoria. It restores my faith in the future when I meet people like her.

As we left the doctor, Billy stopped at the receptionist's desk. He said, 'Excuse me, ladies', to get their attention, and when they looked at him, he added, 'I'm keeping my germs right here in my mouth. Don't worry!'

No scripts, no prompts, just little boy chat.

We walked out the door having left smiles on the faces of a collection of women who see a lot of charming six year olds.

Did I mention how proud I am of my little barking seal?


Katie said...

I love Dr. Victoria, too. I am so happy you found a real medical professional that listens!

And Graham must be trying to be like Billy, because the tiny cough he had when he got home yesterday is now causing a trip to Urgent Care - for steroids - CROUP!!! UGH!

I hope they both lose their barks soon, because no matter how old they are, this is some scary stuff!

(Oh, and the last "ladies" statement is possibly the cutest thing ever. I love it!)

fionacrowls said...

OMG! I LOVE Billy! How gorgeous is he? I think he is the smartest most loveable 6 year old boy on the planet. (with the exception of my 6 yr old boy of course!)
But it really sucks that you've had to go from one health issue to another.
Glad the pooing is on again but as for the stupid frickin' croup: GO AWAY!!!

carriemumof2withasd said...

LOL Billy is soooo great! love, love, love it when kids say that stuff! I am also proud of him it's such a great achievement for him to have such a conversation.

So glad th POO has worked out I hate croup it's super scary sending healthy happy energy your way Billy boy!

Mich9 said...

LOVE IT! I wish I had a Dr. Victoria around here. You can just feel the positive energy oozing from your post. It's obvious to me that you are so proud of Billy. So am I!!!! :)

Ro said...

Just catching up but it sounds like Billy's made huge strides :)
Well done :)