Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Maybe I'm handling this wrong

Sorry whales, I love you and want you to know I do not pour chemicals into your home. I will always keep at least 100m away, and I promise to never eat you.

Kids overboard... it's complex, but I'll sign all the petitions I can, and definitely not vote for anyone who thinks you should go back and 'join the queue'.

Today we've been back to the doctor, and after all my raving and raging against doctors, I will take the time to give this one serious kudos. Our expectations were low. When I called to make an appointment, the receptionist said our usual doctor was booked out, but they did have a 'new lady doctor' who had a certificate in 'child... looking after... medical things...' I did fleetingly think, 'I hope she has a medical degree as well...' but I didn't say it out loud. I'm glad I held off on being a smarty pants.

This doctor was lovely. Smart, open minded (love a doctor who openly says, 'I'm a bit stumped, but let's rule out the bad stuff' and who begins questions with 'You guys know him better than me...' She really studied for that certificate.

So, blood taken, vitals good, acknowledged challenges trying to get a good take on what the issue is, instructions to go straight to hospital if he takes a nosedive.

Thanks for all the messages of support. Illness bites. Illness with a kid, on the spectrum, with sensory issues bites, bites, bites.

Did I mention he still has headlice? Hair combing is as stressful as having a blood test. Plus, he can't sit up long enough to have a bath, so he stinks and has headlice. Classy.

Parents of the year, us.

On the other hand, we're known for being really nice to whales...


Lisa said...

Who cares? It's not about the lice, or the smell. Wear noseplugs and put a beanie on Billy.

You can ceremonially burn the beanie next week. That'll be fun.

Meanwhile, it's all about the (dairy free) chocolate ice cream, and lying on the sofa, while the yucky things battle it out with the mighty antibodies (Yay! Go Antibodies).

DQ said...

Ok, so lice? meh! A bit whiffy? bah, fighting what sounds like the gastro from hell, that takes precedence right now. I really like Lisa's suggestion of a beanie and subsequent ceremonial burning. Hmmm, fire!
I send strong psychic messages to those antibodies (come on! you CAN do it!)
And one more thing, take care of yourself, too :)

fionacrowls said...

And Valerie still has her amazing sense of humour amidst an extremely trying time!
You are Super mum!
Get better quickly Billy :(