Friday, May 28, 2010

Is there ever a time when autism isn't a factor?

Today we went back to the love of Billy's life - Dr Victoria.

We went back because the cough part of the croup just won't go away, and I (as you know by now) have a brain that spins off into 'could this be very serious' land very easily.

Turns out, even though he is coughing so hard he's making himself vomit... he's just fine. No asthma, no chest infection, no nothing except the same old sensory issues we should be used to by now.

He feels his throat tickle, he coughs. That makes his throat tickle, which makes him cough. Which makes his throat feel odd, and so... you can fill in the rest (but if you are struggling, it generally ends in vomit or gagging at the very least).

I can live with the fact that it cost me $60 to find out he's got a viral cough that may go on for 4-6 weeks (are you kidding me?) I can live with the fact that there's no lurking pneumonia (very good news). But what I struggle with is the fact that he could possibly be coughing himself stupid for a month, and there's nothing really that we can do to calm it down.

He's come so far in regulating himself, understanding when he's about to be overwhelmed, withdrawing and re-grouping... and then little gems like this just pop in for fun.

There's no point in saying it, but it's just not fair. There are worse issues for sure, but some days, I think people with autism must be the hardiest of the bunch.

Billy has a pretty rough trot some days. It's not always life threatening (though he's had that too...) but it's not often a summery walk in the park either.


Suz said...

HI Valerie,
Hope your lovely boy is ok and you are too. I am so new to all of this (my Batsman diagnosed in March) so i appreciate your blog very much.
best to you, suz

fionacrowls said...

Valerie it's ok to say it's not fair and that autism sucks.
I say it all the time.
You are a very dedicated mummy and you've had to deal with a lot of crap in his little life.
Hope this stupid cough goes away quickly. x

Lisa said...

I so hate tickly throats. They drive me round the twist.
There are a couple of things that save my sanity:
Either constant sucking on some form of lolly (boiled sweet, cough drop) or constant sipping of water.

Water doesn't stop the tickle for more than 30 seconds, but it has less calories.

It seems that even a little bit of 'something' in the throat at the first hint of a tickle will postpone it.