Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Gastro bug, gastro bug, gastro bug

I hate whales and I don't care about anyone who is wrongly imprisoned... today.

Because Billy is still sick.

From what he's saying, it's in his throat now... which could be accurate, or could be one of those odd autistic associations where someone mentioned the word throat at the moment when he was feeling like he feels right now.

Tomorrow, Shamu and the children overboard can have my attention.

Tonight, it's all about Billy.

Tiny monkey.


DQ said...

again I send get better fast wishes to Billy, poor wee monkey.

Ro said...

Fingers crossed and happy monkey thoughts coming your way.

Lisa said...

Gastro bug, virus, bugger it, hate it, panadol, sleep well, no more yucky bucket.

Rebekah said...

how is the little man? any better?

sending good thoughts your way. love...