Saturday, May 8, 2010

Can't let the day go by without a bit of a mention...

It's Mother's Day morning, and I'm curled up in bed with my second child - the laptop, caffeinated, hungry and thinking about being a mother to the first child, Billy.

He's a brilliant kid, and I'm prouder of him than anything I've ever had anything to do with. I'm reluctant to say 'anything I've ever done' because I think Billy has really done it all himself. Mostly because I think children are who they are, no matter how hard we try to make them what we want them to be.

I am a lucky mother, because I got a child with a calm, contemplative temperament who looks for the laugh in most situations. I got a child with a true love of learning, and a passion for the things and people he loves. I got a child whose natural instinct is to care, and who has never, ever thought to use violence to solve a situation.

If I was making a list of the sorts of things I would look for in a friend, a colleague or in the kind of aspirations I'd have for myself... the qualities I see in Billy would be at the top of that list.

I'm torn about even mentioning the 'a' word, to be honest.

I'm his Mum, regardless of what he may be diagnosed with in his lifetime. It may change the way we behave as a family, it may change the choices we make in our lives, it will definitely change the dreams we had of being the parents of the next captain of the Wallabies.

But it doesn't change my experience as a Mum. We start each day with a cuddle, and end it the same way. In between, we laugh, cry, eat, play, talk and dream together.

I cannot imagine what my life would be without my little man.

Thank you for making me a Mum, Billy.


Katie said...

I love that pic - it is beautiful!
Happy Mother's Day to a wonderful mother :)

carriemumof2withasd said...

So beautiful Valerie!
I truly feel the same about my boy (also my first born) he is just a pleasure to be around (as is my daughter). Thank you posting your thoughts and feelings it makes me stop and be thankful for my children. What a great mum and an inspiration you are.

Happy Mothers day :)


fionacrowls said...

i LOVE that you start and end each day with a cuddle.
THat's so important!
Gorgeous photo.....kinda miss those sleeping baby years!

Seana Smith said...

This is lovely Valerie, I had never thought to say thank you to the kids for making me a Mum... but it's so true. Ah motherhood.. and the immensity of creating a wee life. I met a two day old baby girl in hospital today and was blown away again but the mystery and the amazingness of birth.

Now helping with project about friction, of the science not the family type luckily... it's all sublime and ridiculous today.